The Big Bang Theory Series Finale Sets May Air Date

The Big Bang Theory series finale has set a May air date. The popular CBS sitcom has built a substantial following since premiering in 2007, and news of its cancellation was met with shock by many last year, particularly since the series had the sort of successful ratings that could’ve kept it going.

Nonetheless, after announcing the cancellation just prior to the launch of what would be its twelfth and final season, The Big Bang Theory has apparently been hard at work preparing a season to remember for devoted fans. The 24-episode season is, as of this writing, more than halfway through, but in terms of its finale, the show’s producers have kept fans guessing. It was recently revealed that although the finale will be an hour long, the episode had yet to be written or given an air date, meaning that fans have been busy formulating and circulating theories over what could or couldn’t happen to Penny, Leonard, Sheldon, Amy, Howard, Bernadette and Raj.

Things have now gotten a little clearer, however, with TV Line reporting that the beloved CBS sitcom will air its finale on Thursday, May 16. No hints have been dropped as to what the episode will entail, but as the finale gets closer, fans will surely be provided with much more information on what could arguably be the most essential episode of The Big Bang Theory ever.

The Big Bang Theory

So far, season 12 has provided fans with numerous guest appearances, but not necessarily the answers they’re looking for. There have also been hints (some subtle and others not so subtle) that one of the show’s couples will reveal they’re pregnant. There has been ample speculation that the couple in question will be Penny and Leonard, though Penny does very much come off as a character in the midst of a career transition. With a return to acting now potentially in the cards, however, as well as the show’s executive producer Eric Kaplan insisting that women don’t need to have children in order to have fulfilling lives, the idea that the Hofstadters will cap off the series with a baby is perhaps not just underwhelming for fans, but also somewhat uncharacteristic at this point.

It’s quite rare for a series that has had as long of a run as The Big Bang Theory has to end things with a finale that fans unanimously agree on. In fact, TV history has shown us that the bigger the series, the harder it is to satisfy. Prominent examples of this theory include SeinfeldHow I Met Your Mother or Two and A Half Men, all of which offered finales that garnered considerable groans and outright anger by many devoted viewers. In any case, whether its news of a baby, a big role in a film or whether the elevator is finally put back in working order, The Big Bang Theory finale is sure to prompt years of even more debate and discussion from its vast fanbase.

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